Hiking and Running in Susanville Ranch Park

Step out into the great wide open spaces of this park and you will begin to feel relaxed and rejuvenated within the first hundred feet of your outing.  The experience is amazingly tranquil, especially when you consider that this park is next to the most densely populated area of Lassen County.  This is why we live here...


From the southern trail network's rolling, gentle terrain and scenic single track (often called "dog heaven" for its two streams, beaver ponds and open areas), to the northern network's interesting climbs and rewarding scenic vistas, Susanville Ranch Park's trail system offers hikers and runners such a variety of loop options that each visit can offer something new and exciting.


Please go to our links page to connect with local trail users and discover the warm hospitality of  of our proud trail running/hiking community.  It is always more fun to exercise and explore with friends.